5 Popular Design Themes for Your Home in Reno

Wanting to make a change to your home’s décor? The holiday season and New Year are great times to spice things up with your design schemes. Here are 5 popular themes right now.

Different Shapes

One option to mix up your home’s design is to play with sculptural pieces of furniture or décor. These pieces offer different kinds of shapes to dazzle the eye. Pairing sculptural pieces with a more neutral backdrop or color palette in a room is a great way to add depth and inspire drama in the space.

Country Vibes

Cottegecore is still all the rage. It could have gained traction in part as we were all stuck inside our homes more over the last couple years. We needed to find ways to inspire comfort and coziness during the pandemic. So it makes sense we turned to this trend. Incorporating country vibes is nothing new. But lately it has been a lot more about vintage pieces, lace, gingham and gilded touches. The best way to sum up what’s popular with the country themes is combining rustic with chic. Mix the antique, vintage and rustic pieces in with glamour and touches of elegance to achieve this look.

Earth and Nature

While white and neutrals are always in it seems, right now what’s even more popular is earth tones. Think browns, taupes, beiges and warm greens. You can incorporate earth tones into your décor through painting walls these colors or adding in bedding, throws, pillow and other accessories in these shades.

You can also combine earth tones with texture to take the natural theme up a notch. Hang macremae from the wall, incorporate driftwood pieces or rattan chairs and splurge on plush sheepskin throws or rugs. These 3D design elements are earthy and natural in tone but also in texture, bringing the outdoors more into your space.

Ocean Mood

Another popular trend moving forwards is mimicking ocean tones. The essence of this trend is airy, breezy, salty and refreshing. Think cool blues, greys, and greens. Spice it up with blue and white stripped throws, pillow or rugs. Place ocean shells or other themed décor around your home. Add rope, driftwood or other natural textures in as well for a more nautical take on the theme.

Layering your Look

This trend can be applied in tandem with any of the other ones listed here. Layering your home’s design is simply combining different textures and pieces on top of one another. It’s as simple as it sounds. Play with soothing colors that compliment each other. For example, in the master bedroom try layering a soft grey comforter followed by a white sheepskin throw. Maybe even layer a sage green or taupe linin piece on top of that. This look helps achieve maximum comfort and cozy levels. And that’s just what we all are looking for going into the cooler months and holiday season.

If you’re itching for some fresh home designs, try one of these popular trends out. It could do the trick and have your space feeling fresh and chic in no time.

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