Create an Efficient Home Office in Reno

Are you looking to sell in 2022? Or perhaps you’re staying where you are but just itching for a better home office set up? We’ve got you covered here with ideas to help you create an efficient (and stylish) home office where you can settle in to accomplish your day’s tasks.

Use space to your advantage

Let’s face it, a lot of us are working from home more than in the past. And with the pandemic still a factor, wanting dedicated home office space is reasonable. You might also be utilizing the space for a home gym, guestroom, or homework den as well. Multifunctionality is the name of the game here. And if you’re looking to sell, this addition could increase your chances of selling fast and for top dollar. Many buyers want to envision a home office when they are searching for a new home.

If you don’t have a whole extra room that you can redesignate as a home office, don’t worry. You can use the space you have smartly to make it work better for you. For example, if you do have that guest room, making it multipurpose will go a long way. Or even if all you can carve out is a designated wall in a living room or master bedroom, that will still work. Have a nook under the stairs or in a large hallway? That will also do the trick.

Make it functional

Choose furniture for the space that fits the room as well as the rest of the home’s décor. Think about floating furniture away from walls if it’s a smaller room as this can make the room seem larger. Pick a smaller, sleek desk for a tiny room or a nook in another room. Perhaps go with a comfy armchair or loveseat if you have the space. Choose bookshelves or storage caddies that fit the style of the room still. Perhaps utilize an ottoman that has storage inside for a side table.

Be inspired

You want a home office to inspire productivity. Whatever that means to you. So, if you need a bright pop of color (or a few of them) go for it! Or if you need neutrals and light and airy hues to help you focus, stick with that theme. Either option can be done stylishly so it’s up to your needs as well as the rest of the home’s style.

Set yourself up with a good view as well. Face your desk towards a window if you have one. This provides a nice view as well as natural light. If that’s not available to you, perhaps hang a piece of art (fine art or a framed piece by one of your kids) above your desk for added inspiration.

Stay organized

Whether this is for selling purposes or for your own use, you want to keep your office ultra-organized. Invest in fun storage bins, filing systems or bookcases to keep books and office supplies in place. If you’re working with a tiny space, install open shelving above the desk to place caddies for paperwork, writing utensils and more. If everything has a home to start with, it will only help you keep things streamlined. This in turn, will help you stay focused and motivated in your workspace.

Pro Tip: if selling, depersonalize the home office (and rest of the home). Take down post its, personal pictures, controversial or religious themed décor. Streamline this space so buyers can envision incorporating their own personal flare into the room.

Start with these first steps when creating your home office. And if you’re looking to list soon and need help staging, we are here to help!

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