Bringing the outdoors into our homes is nothing new. But perhaps, coming up on the 2 year mark from the start of the pandemic, it’s especially important to us. It’s vital that our homes feel safe, comforting, cozy and welcoming. One way to achieve this is to bring the natural world more into our home spaces. Let’s look at some ways to achieve this trendy décor theme.

Literally, bring it indoors

The first way is to deck your halls with, well, literal plants. Add as much fresh greenery as possible through potted plants and even the occasional vase with fresh flowers and foliage. And make these plants focal points as much as possible. Hang potted plants in front of a window with a macramé hanging basket. Place a large plant in a corner in a reading nook. Arrange succulents or other plants on a mantlepiece to make a statement. All these suggestions are working to place the green, natural world front and center in your design scheme. All that green is good for us! Plants freshen the air, brighten the space and bring about a sense of calm and nourishment.

Maximize views

If you have large picture windows, a bay window, or other bright corners in your home, highlight those! Maximize views outdoors for guests as well as for you and your wellbeing. We are in more because of the pandemic as well as the cooler season. So, make your views of the outdoors a focal point. Slide a comfy chair up by a big window for a great space to work or curl up with a book. Or in a living area, face a couch or love seat towards windows, especially if you have a nice yard or sprawling view to look out at. This helps direct the eye outwards when you sit to relax and unwind. Another idea to highlight views is to invest in new, fresh blinds or breezy curtains. You don’t want to hide windows, merely frame them nicely.

Incorporate natural elements

Aside from plants and flowers, you can also work to incorporate other natural elements into your home’s design. Cozy up to rattan, wicker, macrame, stone, wood, leather, and other natural elements. Embrace this trend that’s still all the rage. It lends an air of retreat and wellness to your home that is lovely as well as cozy. Use macramé and rope to hang items. Display bathroom essentials in clay bowls or baskets. Use wooden decorations throughout. This trend incorporates textures in an interesting way that adds depth and richness to your home.

Play around with these ideas and incorporate one or more into your home! Make it a fun, weekend project to make your home more natural and calming. Pick out some fun plants from a local shop and have fun!

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