Kitchen Inspiration for the New Year

The kitchen is a major hub of the home. We all spend so much time with friends and family cooking, eating around a table, doing schoolwork, visiting and more. But what if your kitchen isn’t working for you right now? Are you in need of some fresh inspiration to spark life back into your kitchen? Do you need help to brainstorm how your kitchen can work better for you and your family? Here are a few ideas to help breathe life back into this space.

Lighting for all occasions

You most likely utilize your kitchen for many different kinds of tasks. Your lighting should be able to function well for you across those different tasks. Perhaps you’d like to keep it fairly simple and just be able to adjust the dimness or brightness of your lights. Or maybe, you want to go all out with app-controlled color and intensity. Making the lights in your kitchen work with you and for your varied purposes will be key in making the room a comforting and productive central location.

Larger working pantries

Another great way to upgrade your kitchen is to create a larger pantry. Walk in pantries are ideal as they really allow you to store items away and out of sight while staying organized. If you have this option or the option to put one in, this is a great investment. Many of us splurged on small appliances, advanced coffee systems and other unique elements to add to our kitchen throughout these last couple years spent so much at home. So it makes sense that a little more space and organization might be just what your kitchen needs to house all those new items.

Upgraded appliances

People who are spending more time at home and in their kitchens are also gravitating towards smarter appliances. Appliance manufacturers are adding more smart features to their lines of products. It’s definitely something homeowners are looking for more and more. How can this product work better for me? Can I preheat the oven before I get home to save time? Or could I turn appliances off when a timer goes off even when I’m not at home? These and other features are very appealing to us after the long months of the pandemic.

Wood tones and finishes

This is a popular trend in line with a lot of the other home trends we’ve seen developing or returning over the last couple years. While other hues such as greens and blues are still great options, a lot of people are looking for wood tones and natural finishes, especially options like grained walnut or white oak. We want to bring the natural world more and more into our spaces, including the kitchen. Add wood tones and wood finishes is a great way to incorporate the rustic and the natural into our homes.

Take one or more of these fresh kitchen inspirations with you into 2022 and have fun playing with and updating this central hub in your home!

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